Steam Boiler - IBR - Biomass - External Furnace - Smoke cum Water Tube
Three Pass, Package
Water Cum Smoke Tube Boiler
  • Various Types of Combustion systems for different type of fuels viz.,
  • Fixed Grates
  • Dumping Grate
  • Pulsating Grate
  • Fluidised bed combustion (with bed coils and without bed coils also can be offered as per request)
  • Travelling Grate
  • Large steam space ensures dry steam
  • Three passes optimum heat recovery.
  • Easy access for inspection and cleaning.
  • Lowest operating cot coupled with trouble Free operations and long life.

  • External furnace for more combustion per Crate area.
  • External furnace with water wall for maximum Utilization of combustion heat.
  • Smoke cum water tube combination for higher efficiency.
Scope of Supply

  • Boiler shell and Tube Section
  • Air Preheater
  • Mechanical Dust Collector (optional)
  • Combustion Chamber
  • Down Comers
  • Feed Water Pumps
  • FD Fan
  • D Fan
  • Cold Air Duct (optional)
  • Hot Air Duct Flue Gas Duct (optional)
  • Flue Gas Duct (optional)
  • Back Smoke Box
  • Membrane Water Wall
Three Pass, Package
Water Cum Smoke Tube Boiler

  • Water level controller for automatic pump Operation, to maintain water level.
  • Pressure switch to cut off fans in case of high steam pressure.
  • Even if all the controls of safety devices fails, fusible plug will safe guard the boiler from low water level.
Water Pre - heater
  • Increase thermal efficiency with extra heat recovery from fuel gases
  • Comprises of shell and tube Non-IBR heat exchanger located in downstream ofboiler.
Air Pre - heater
  • Increase thermal efficiency due to additional heat recovery from flue
  • Comprises of Multipass tubular air preheater, FD fan with specially designed interconnecting duct work and supports.
  • Boiler operates under balanced draft, FD fan Provides, controlled excess air, giving further
  • reduction in fuel consumption
  • Promotes combustion, especially with high moisture fuels