Thermic Fluid Heater- Husk - Single Chamber
Three / Four Pass Multifuel Fired
Thermic Fluid Heater

  • Refractory walled Furnace
  • Radiant Heat Exchanger
  • Air Preheater.
  • F. D. Fan
  • I. D. Fan
  • Mechanical Dust Collector. (optional)
  • 0.5 lac Kcal / hr to 10 Lac Kcal / hr at a temperature up to 300C

These Thermic Fluid heaters have been Specially developed for use in process Industries requiring high temperature heating Medium. They comprise a compact heat Exchanger and a In Build Furnace, Where in the Fuel is burnt. The furnace is provided with an extra Large free board so as to ensure complete combustion. The hot gases make four passes through the heating surface. Access doors are provided all around to facilitate inspection And cleaning.